Slide 90 Day Protection Preventing and stopping the spread of life-threatening viral and infectious Illnesses from Bacteria & Pathogens call us on 0115 824 4773 Sanitisation Service Offering immediate protection from COVID-19
Slide 30 Day Protection From COVID Guaranteed Protection for up to 90 days done_outline done_outline Safe on all surfaces done_outline Environmentally safe done_outline Out of hours services call us on 0115 824 4773 done_outline Kills 99.9% of bacteria including COVID-19 Next Generation Antimicrobial Coating to protect your staff & customers


We use the latest cleaning technology to protect against bacteria and viruses that can live on surfaces. Antimicrobial Coating adds extra long-lasting protection to your environment and once dry, approximately 90 minutes, the coat will be effective for up to 90 days, which is applied through a ULV sprayer.

Our solution bonds, once applied to a surface protecting against a vast range of viruses, bacterias, and pathogens, including COVID-19.



If you’ve had an outbreak of a harmful infection or virus, such as COVID-19, you will need a full decontamination. We will manage and organise a decontamination unit and completely sanitise your building, to kill all bacteria and prevent the spread of any contagious illnesses.


If there are no signs of COVID-19, then we don’t need to carry out a decontamination process. We will sanitise your workplace using a nano cleaning solution, which kills viruses and pathogens, which takes 90 minutes to dry, making your workplace a safe environment.



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You can do this by booking an appointment, online, via email or calling  0115 824 4773. We will need to know:
  1. The square metre of the property
  2. Do you have a fire alarm and can it be deactivated
  3. What times work best for us to sanitise your place
  4. Any questions that you may have beforehand


We will come at a time that is convenient for you. What you need to consider:
  1. Make sure all touch surfaces are clean before we arrive
  2. Deactivate the fire alarm
  3. After sanitising a room you need to wait 90 minutes before entering, this is to allow the solution to be touch dry
  4. The solution bonds to the surface, which protects against all viruses and pathogens  up to 90 days
  5. Read our FAQ to learn more before making a booking 


After 90 minutes your workplace or space is completely safe for your customers, employees and yourself


We use a mechanical solution that uses nano spikes and bonds with all surfaces to kill all viruses, bacterias, and pathogens. After 90 minutes, the Antimicrobial Coating will have bonded to the surfaces and will be effective for up to 90 days. This protects against a vast range of viruses, bacterias and pathogens, including COVID-19.



Restaurants & Pubs
Factories & Warehouses
Holiday Homes


Public Transport
Buses & Coaches




Care Homes
GP Surgeries 


Fully Trained
Our team of specialists are fully trained and equipt to handle any situation
90 Days Protection
Our Antimicrobial Coating lasts on touched surfaces for up to 90 days before we have to come again to sanitise. Most solutions aren't able to provide you with the information on how long they last
Customer Satisfaction
We offer a high-quality service to keep your premises fully protected and safe


How long does your coating last?

Our antimicrobial coating will be fully functional for 90 days.

How long does it take for the coating to dry?

After 30minutes, the coating will be dry to the touch, however, we recommend you allow 90 minutes for the coating to completely bond to the surface it has been applied to.

Does the product terminate enveloped viruses?

Yes, it is effective against this type of virus as the coating terminates by puncturing the cell wall and rendering the virus unable to infect. Studies have been shown to prove this and are available to view on request.

What is an antimicrobial agent?

an agent that kills microorganisms

Is this a replacement to regular cleaning and disinfecting?

No, this is an additional level of protection that does not only eliminate harmful microorganisms on application but continues to eliminate them all day every day.

Does your coating leave a residue behind?

No, the antimicrobial coating provides its users with an invisible shield of protection that is undetectable to the naked eye.

What does Antimicrobial Coating protect against?

Our coating protects your surfaces from a range of viruses, bacterias, mould, algae and odours. The coating acts as a sacrificial layer of protection for the surface itself, protecting against micro-scratches and general wear and tear.

What can your coating be applied to?

The coating will adhere to a wide variety of surfaces including metals, plastics, ceramic, carpet, timber, and upholstery. Our solution is colourless and odourless by nature, this is why it does not stain fabric materials.

What is the difference between Antimicrobial Coating and a standard disinfectant?

The major difference is this product does not evaporate after being applied, the coating bonds to the surface it has been applied to for up to 90 days.

What environments can this coating be applied to?

Our antimicrobial coating is a universal coating, meaning it is suited for all kinds of industries and environments, including indoor and outdoor environments.

My business is closed at the moment due to Covid-19. Should I apply this product before my premise reopens or after?

We strongly recommend applying an antimicrobial agent before your business reopens. This will provide the applicator with a clean and empty space for the application. Therefore by applying the coating before people could contaminate the area, this is the best way to help prevent the spread of pathogens.

Has the product been tested?

Yes, there are several tests done on the active ingredients by independent laboratories. We can provide these on request.

Is the product approved to use in the UK?

Yes, we have ensured the product follows the guidelines set out by ECHA (European Chemicals Agency).

Once it has adhered to the surface, does it leach any chemicals into the environment?

No, once the Antimicrobial coating has bonded to the surface it creates a durable layer of protection which provides an inhospitable environment for pathogens, by mechanical means, and the coating does not leach any chemicals into the environment.

Is your Antimicrobial Coating a chemical kill process?

No, the technology that our coating uses is a mechanical kill, creating a very thin layer of “nano-spikes” that penetrate the virus/bacteria that comes in contact with the coating, destroying the cell.

How is your coating removed?

Our coating will not be removed by normal cleaning or disinfectants, it can only be removed with abrasion.

As a business owner, why should I apply this product to my premises?

You can be sure that your business is protected from pathogens and viruses. By combining Antimicrobial coating with regular cleaning and disinfecting, a premise can be sure it is implementing the highest standard of surface defence against harmful microbes.


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